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Meet Our Brands


Credible. Intuitive. Comprehensive

Jagran.com is an online news & information portal, with 38+ Million users (Comscore MMX Multi-Platform; Mar’24), carrying forward the legacy of entertaining and empowering users with meaningful and unbiased content for the last 15 years. With a compelling user experience and factual content, Jagran.com is committed to transforming the digital landscape of online Hindi news segments in the Hindi Heartland.

Jagran.com offers credible content in Politics and news (national, international, hyperlocal), business, auto, tech, entertainment, spirituality, sports, lifestyle, etc., in new-age content mediums like Live streaming, video news, real-time updates, web stories, podcasts, etc. Users can access exclusive content through subscription, and keep updated on the go through quick formats & hyperlocal updates with apps like Jagran Fatafat & Jagran Local.

Through various Data-Driven Journalism initiatives like My City My Pride, Election 360, Jal Jagran, and Jagran Junction, Jagran.com prides itself in empowering many lives across the country.

Jagran.com has been honored with several awards over the years, namely ‘Best Hindi Website Award’ (conferred by IAMAI) for three consecutive years in 2017, 2018, and 2019; ‘Best News Website Award’ at the WAN-IFRA South Asian Digital Media Awards 2018. It has won the Silver trophy under the 'Best Special Project for Covid-19' category in the South Asian Digital Media Awards 2021. Jagran.com’s mobile app was awarded the Best Mobile News App Award at the Indian Digital Media Awards 2019.

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Jagran Josh

Knowledge. Information. Impact

Jagran Josh is India's leading educational and career web portal for students & professional communities across various age groups in pursuit of an end-to-end source of information and guidance. With 28.8* million users (Comscore MMX Multi-Platform-Top 10, News/Information Publishers; Mar’24), Jagran Josh serves as a one-stop education portal for everything related to School, College, Jobs, and Careers. The website is ranked as the top website for current affairs in India and a go-to source for popular competitive exams. Rated as a top educational app, Jagran Josh reaches out to users in both English & Hindi language.

Aspirants can access relevant information, ranging from NCERT books, study materials, and syllabi of various state boards to information about top colleges and universities like entrance exam updates, admission forms, and results, along with counseling through actionable and expert tips. The job section on the website supports aspirants' competitive exam preparation for Banking, MBA, Government Services, Civil Services, etc., offering a wealth of resources, including e-books, online practice tests, solved question papers, expert advice, personalized alerts, regular updates, and more.

In recent years, Jagran Josh has received numerous awards for outstanding contributions to the education and career industry. Gold Prize in the 'Best Education & Career Portal and App' category at the 2021 Mobexx Awards hosted by ADGULLY. 'Best Content in an Educational Blog/Website' at the 2019 India Content Leadership Awards and Conference (ICL); 'Digital Industry Sector Awards - Education' at the 2018 Digixx Awards; and 'Best Education Website' at the 2018 Global Digital Marketing Awards

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Expert-Led. Health & Wellness. One-Stop-Platform

Onlymyhealth.com is India’s leading health and lifestyle platform with 15.2 million users (Comscore MMX Multi- Platform-Top 10, News/Information Publishers; Mar’24). In the last 15 years, the website has become the go-to source for reliable, and expert-verified health & lifestyle information, tips & tricks, simple home remedies, and other resources in English, Hindi, and Tamil. It also offers a wide array of content covering fitness, nutrition, mental health, lifestyle, preventive care, IVF, etc., providing valuable insights and actionable tips to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

The website has stringent editorial policies to ensure the accuracy and reliability of content by making sure that it’s validated by doctors, nutritionists, healthcare professionals, and experts. Onlymyhealth has successfully organized three editions of Healthcare Heroes Awards till now to honor industry veterans and brands working towards strengthening the healthcare ecosystem in the country.

Onlymyhealth.com has been awarded 'Best Content in a Healthcare/Fitness Blog/Website' (conferred by India Content Leadership Awards 2018); 'Best Healthcare / Medical Industry Publication - Digital' (Conferred by Global Digital Marketing Awards 2018) and 'Website of the year' (Conferred by Digi-Pub Awards 2017). Healthcare Heroes Awards by Onlymyhealth.com has won Honourable Mention in the ‘Best Use of an Event to Build a News Brand’ category at the INMA Global Media Awards 2021.

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Empower. Educate. Entertain

Herzindagi.com is a leading women’s lifestyle & entertainment portal by Jagran New Media and is currently available in 3 different languages, English, Hindi, and Telugu. With a user base of 25+ Million (Comscore MMX Multi-Platform-Top 10, News/Information Publishers; Mar’24), Herzindagi’s well-researched & credible multimedia content, and other features like chat-based search tool, are specially tailored to encourage, educate, and motivate the new-age smart women.

The website’s content & design are quirky & relatable as HerZindagi’s vision is to be a one-stop platform where women can access all the crucial and relevant information needed for their daily lives. From easy-to-do beauty hacks to quick recipes, it caters to women with content spanning various subjects like food, fitness, travel, wellness, fashion, beauty, parenting, education, safety, relationships, and every other aspect that possibly concerns today’s women.

In 2022, the HZ-Mighty Hive Case Study won the prestigious IDMA Special Award in the ‘Most Effective Use of Digital Analytics’ category. HerZindagi.com bagged Gold for ‘What is Female Genital Mutilation?’ in the Best Feature Article (Text) category and Bronze prize for ‘Being a Brown Daughter’ in the Best Article Series category at the Digipub Awards 2023.

Herzindagi.com also has its intellectual property - Womenpreneur Awards, to recognize and celebrate the excellence of women in the entrepreneurial sphere. The underlying vision is to go beyond just “honoring” and salute the grit & determination of female entrepreneurs, leaders, achievers, and rising stars.

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Informative. Interesting. Involving

INextLive is an online youth portal offering content in a language that is unique and specially designed to engage and entertain. With a user base of 0.359 Million (Comscore MMX Multi - Platform-Top 10, News/Information Publishers; Mar’24), INextLive provides a compelling blend of informative and entertaining content with vivid photographs and engaging features, with a focus on the three I’s - Informative, Interesting, and Involving. Keeping in line with the ever-evolving taste and content requirements of its dynamic and quirky readers, INextLive covers a wide array of topics, including News, Trends, Lifestyle, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, etc., and aspires to become a communicator, friend, and guide which not only informs, educates or mentors but also provides its readers with a platform to raise their issues before the world.

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Jagran Podcast

Captivating. Engaging. Compelling

Jagran Podcast is a digital audio streaming platform under Jagran New Media, committed to delivering well-curated and engaging audio podcasts in both Hindi & English. With a firm dedication to high-end production and audio quality, Jagran Podcast is on a mission to elevate the art of storytelling and captivate audiences through crafting compelling audio content. It is designed specially to engage users according to their preferences with its diverse range of content sections, such as fiction, crime, comedy, folk music, religion spirituality, etc. Through these sections, users can explore a plethora of podcast series including "Khabrnama," a news-focused series, "Chit-Chat with MediaTek" for tech enthusiasts, "Tech se Tarakki" for those interested in technological advancements, "Sirf Ishq" offering romantic content, "Satta Chalak" presenting political stories, and "Filmi Khabarchi" providing updates on cinema, and a lot more. These series offer something for everyone, providing listers with trending, upcoming, and viral fragments of news of different categories, making it factually appropriate and visually informative.

Jagran Podcast also provides a concise news roundup, of the latest happenings around the nation and globe, addresses the pressing issues of the day, and more.

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Fearless. Unbiased. Trustworthy

Naidunia.com is a Hindi news portal in Central India known for its value-based, fearless, unbiased, trustworthy, and articulate Hindi Journalism. It has a user base of 9.26 Million (Comscore MMX Multi - -Platform-Top 10, News/Information Publishers; Mar’24) and covers a wide range of news segments, including, but not limited to, Regional, National, and International, Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Spirituality, Career, and Education.
The real-time online coverage of Hyper-local news from six major cities of Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh- Indore, Bhopal (Navdunia), Gwalior, Jabalpur, Raipur & Bilaspur, is the forte of Naidunia.com.

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Factual. Authentic. Verified

Vishvas News is a leading fact-checking website, providing fact-based quality news in 12 languages, and successfully combating the spread of misinformation with a user base of 0.177 Million (Comscore MMX Multi Platform-Top 10, News/Information Publishers; Mar’24). It is certified by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), putting the site amongst the few selected prestigious global media portals to have received this international certification, and has a free fact-checking chatbot on WhatsApp, allowing users to easily interact and check whether any viral information is true, false or misleading.

Vishvas News has a dedicated team of certified and trained fact-checkers who make sure that any viral claim or potential fake news is cross-checked, and debunked without any fear or favor following the organization’s editorial policy and IFCN’s Code of Principles. It provides stories that come from genres including politics, sports, health, sanitation, law and justice, education, environment, employment, innovation, science, etc. Vishvas News played a vital role in bringing together The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), Meta, and India's 10 leading newsrooms to collaborate on a year-long fellowship program, which enabled these newsrooms to establish fact-checking units within their organizations after receiving training from the Vishvas News team. Besides fighting the menace of fake news, and conducting regular newsroom training and fellowship programs, the dedicated team of Vishvas News also conducts on-ground news verification and fact-check awareness training across the country under its flagship program – Sach Ke Sathi. Vishvas News has bagged Silver in the Best Trust Initiative at WAN-IFRA Digital Media Awards South Asia 2022.

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Gujarati Jagran

Exclusive.Solution-oriented. Factual

Gujarati Jagran is the go-to platform for information and content in Gujarati, one of the most widely spoken regional languages of India. It has a user base of 1.34 Million (Comscore MMX Multi-Platform-Top 10, News/Information Publishers; Mar’24). The website offers Gujrati readers real-time reliable and credible national and local news updates, alongside exclusive content that covers entertainment, markets, lifestyle, business, health, sports, and more.
Gujarati Jagran takes immense pride in its commitment to a solution-oriented approach to journalism and empowers the global Gujarati audience with actionable knowledge and insights. It ensures access to the vast news network of Jagran with factual and investigative reports from Jagran Prime and fact-checked stories from Vishwas News in Gujarati.

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Jagran TV


Jagran TV is a one-stop OTT platform for a visual treat, of widely covered genres including news, sports, health, fashion, general knowledge, technology, and entertainment. It aims to provide the trending, upcoming, and viral fragments of news of different categories, making it factually appropriate and visually informative.

Along with the web portal www.jagrantv.com, it is also available as an OTT app on Android TV, and the Jio App. With a user base of 0.468 Million (Comscore MMX Multi-Platform-Top 10, News/Information Publishers; Mar’24), the platform covers a wide horizon of genres through various video stories, picture stories, and photo-gallery.

Synonymous with its tagline, “Haqiqat Dekhne Ki Aadat Daalo”, Jagran TV remains committed to providing factual and credible video content to its users across the Hindi Heartland. In line with the ever-evolving interests and credible information consumption of the audience, it caters to a diverse range of age groups. Its mission is to deliver the latest, upcoming, and viral tidbits across various categories with factual accuracy and a mesmerizing visual experience.

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Nurturing. HyperLocal. Strengthening Communities

Punjabi Jagran is an exclusive Punjabi news portal under Jagran New Media with a user base of 0.466 Million (Comscore MMX Multi - Platform-Top 10, News/Information Publishers; Mar’24). Its mission is to bring out the true essence of Punjabi culture through its engaging content related to news, information, and entertainment. With an unwavering commitment to cater to Gurmukhi-reading Punjabis across the globe, the website is designed to keep at heart the cultural identity of Punjab.

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Credible.Factual. Diverse

English.jagran.com is the English news portal of Jagran New Media, which caters to the needs of English digital readers for credible and unbiased news. It has a user base of 10.6 Million (Comscore MMX Multi-Platform-Top 10, News/Information Publishers; Mar’24), and brings exclusive news stories across categories. Jagran English covers all the latest developments on a real-time basis in politics, sports, business, lifestyle, entertainment, and local news.
Beyond news features, it caters to the diverse interests of the audience through its multimedia content, including videos in all formats and web stories. English.jagran.com provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of the world to its readers and is deeply committed to responsible journalism, emphasizing news credibility, and giving voice to viewers by amplifying relevant news and updates from around the globe.

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