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Culture @ JNM

Jagran New Media believes in Culture of Collaboration, Transparency and High performance. JNM-ites are young, dynamic & vibrant and their work culture is that of fun and on-going learning. The HR Initia-tives mentioned below showcase how we live our culture.

  1. Cross-functional Leadership Communication Meets : This team meets every month to plan & review the monthly performance of the organisation and make course-correction if required. The strategy of the organization is defined by the Think-tank in the beginning of the year.
  2. Hi Five: "Success comes with team effort". Peer to peer appreciation is a norm here and we celebrate this every month by expressing our gratitude to our team members for their support.
  1. Open Door Policy: Senior Team members are approachable and are available for answering any queries of their teams.
  2. Town Hall: Every quarter, the 'JNM Confluence' is conducted by CEO & CXO team. The senior Leadership team takes the whole organization through the Balance Score Card and where are we today.
High Performance
  1. Clear Objectives : Each individual is given their KRA within the first week of their joining which provides clarity on their roles and responsibilities.
  2. Training: To keep our employees updated with latest trends and development in the digital space, we continuously provide them with class-room, e-learning and expert sessions. We also groom them for the leadership roles through our Individual Development Plan.
  3. Rewards & Recognition : Stellar Gold and Stellar Performer are ways through which we recognize hard-work of our employees and felicitate them through our monthly recognition program.
Fun & Stress busters
  1. Fun: "We work hard and party harder". We celebrate our key achievements.
  2. Stress busters: Flexi-time options, yoga, meditation and recreation facilities keep us fresh and vibrant.
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